It’s an unfortunate reality that every year thousands of bay area residents get sued for debt collection matters.  Are Northern California residents more prone to this? Absolutely not! Thousands of collection lawsuits are filed in courts all through out the country. This is a continuing trend that has been going on for years.

Take a look at the image below. These are just some of the collection lawsuits filed by Midland Funding this month in one Northern California county!

Who is Midland Funding and why are they suing you?

Midland funding is a debt buyer.  If you were recently served with a summons and complaint, you may not recognize this name.  In fact, you most likely never purchased anything from or conducted any business with Midland. 

Debt buyers are in the business of buying old debt from companies such as those offering credit cards and short term loans. They usually buy this debt for pennies on the dollar and then turn around and file lawsuits with the goal of getting a quick judgment.  Then, they will turn around and levy bank accounts and garnish your wages.

The debt buyers are hoping you don’t defend yourself in court. If you ignore the lawsuit, that’s easy money from their perspective.

If you have been sued by Midland Funding, you must act right away! 

There are ways to stop debt buyers dead in their tracks and actually win! But you can’t simply ignore the lawsuit.  The vast majority of lawsuits filed by debt buyers end with them getting a default judgment simply because there was no response to the complaint. 

The reality is that often the debt buyers do not have enough evidence to win the case in court. But again, many people ignore these lawsuits and never attempt to defend themselves.  The best thing you can do is to speak to an attorney that has experience handling these matters.

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We will give you insight into what your options are and the best way to move forward!