Serving the Legal Needs of Bay Area Landlords

We provide affordable eviction services to landlords in Northern California including the cites of Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Hayward, San Leandro as well as all other cities throughout the bay area. Landlord tenant disputes in the Bay Area require sufficient knowledge of local ordinances and practices. 

An Oakland Eviction Attorney can solve your tenant headaches. We understand the often stressful, financial, and emotional drain that can occur with landlord tenant disputes. You need a strong, aggressive and reasonable advocate for your position when you are contemplating an eviction case. The Law Offices of Leon H. Rountree III can help protect your rights as well as your property during this stressful time.

Mr. Rountree will personally guide you through the eviction process in order to make it as understandable and painless as possible. Get advice from an experienced landlord tenant attorney.

The Law Offices of Leon H. Rountree III is a industry partner of the East Bay Rental Housing Association.

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