Leon H. Rountree III, Oakland Attorney

Admitted: State Bar of California

Law School: Golden Gate University School of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D)

University: University of Southern California, B.S., Business Administration

Contact me at 510-343-6299. We’ll set up a free phone consultation and I’ll help you come up with plan of action. 

Top Reasons to Choose My Firm to Represent You

As the owner and principal of the Law Offices of Leon H. Rountree III, I would like to share some key characteristics about me and my philosophy towards helping you with your legal challenges:


Focus on Results– I am forward-thinking and always maintain the goal of achieving the best, most practical results for my clients.  I am never satisfied with simply getting the job done.


Detail-oriented –  I take pride in my work product.  Therefore, my goal is to always create and draft documents with accuracy and quality control.


Practical – I tend to solve legal problems from a realistic and practical standpoint as much as possible.  While clients often want the best outcome, that outcome may not be possible without unnecessary time or expense. My goal is to inform clients about the the realistic merits of their case to avoid wasting time or spending unnecessary funds. My clients appreciate the candor that I bring to the table when analyzing their legal situation.


Flexible – I understand that to remain effective, legal solutions must be flexible.  Similar legal problems must often be handled differently depending on a client’s unique situation.  I am able to recognize these situations and adapt accordingly.


Creative – I am a creative legal problem solver.  There are many legal problems that simply can’t be handled by a canned approach.  I am creative and resourceful when it comes to analyzing, researching and generating ideas for legal argument.


Proactive – I take proactive steps to solve day to day legal problems.  I think ahead and plan for deadlines and other potential challenges before they arrive in order to control outcomes as much as possible.  This is preferable to being in a reactive, defensive position.

Client-focused – I have years of experience communicating with clients regularly  and servicing their needs. I strive to keep clients happy on both a business level and a personal level.  I have an easy going demeanor that allows me to speak to and connect with clients easily.


Striving to be the best – My goal is to become the best lawyer that I can be. As such, I am always increasing my knowledge by whatever means, whether it’s through reading, continuing legal education programs or networking with colleagues.  This drive to be the best allows me to generate creative and effective legal solutions resulting in better outcomes for my clients.


I hope these characteristics help you to understand me and my firm better.  Take a look around the site and learn about the services we offer. We have successfully resolved many legal disputes for our clients.  Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

Law Offices of Leon H. Rountree III

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